So the job search is coming along

I made a portfolio of my writing the other day. So happy to have gotten that off the ground. I am waiting for the hiring manager to send me the performance assessment for the position. It’s very interesting—I said, ruminated on even, not wanting to fill out an application and go through the terror of all of that. And here – I sent an email and was connected with the hiring manager. This feels promising. It’s scary for it to feel promising. I am worried that I won’t get the position and will feel disappointment and being trapped.

It’s hard.

I am scared to read some of my old poems. They are so dark and twisty. I don’t know where they came from. I will have to re-read one. Just to see. YTT weekend tomorrow — looking forward to it. I also have a cleaner coming in …..looking forward to that.

Today was a lovely day. I truly enjoyed it. I got an itch to visit the TNTP website again. I see a writing job on there. I am going to write a cover letter and apply.

Let’s see what happens.

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