So time is moving fast. Here it is May.
I have a different understanding about things.
I think I’ve arrived to a different place.

My values.
I guess I know what they are.
What does it mean if I am not indycisive anymore?
If I know what I want.

I’ve decided to go full steam ahead with D & I work. Let’s just see what happens. I came to the realization that if Uber had a position for me to be an engineer or for me to be responsible for making sure that female engineers aren’t sexually harassed at work, I’d chose the latter.

I’ve been teaching yoga, quietly, with a friend. I really enjoy it. Last week we had an awesome pair practice where we just practiced side by side. It was LOVELY!

In sad news AB lost Ky. It was very, very, very traumatic for me. All I did was relieve 10/30/2006 all over again. But – I think, finally, I might have done the grieving I needed to. I read a really beautiful article that said the role of grief is to remember. The notion of “moving on” from a loss to where you aren’t re-triggered is a myth.

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