Day 2

Yesterday I watched a television show with Heather. It made me smile and feel like crying all at the same time. A husband and wife were standing at the foot of the bed, and one made a cheesey comment about “let’s go over the river and through the woods. ” They kissed and the lady said “Wait….do you know what can make this so much better??” The husband kind of pauses. The lady says “I’m going to go cut two piece of pie and bring them up here so we can have it RIGHT after!” The husband laughs and says how thankful he is to be with her.

Today, I went to get a new bra. And yet again it made me smile and feel like crying all at the same time. The bra shop is owned by a couple of little old white ladies. My mom warned me that you have to get topless to get your bra fit. I talked to Heather on the phone about it. We laughed because the lady who fit me reminds us of a teacher that we had in high school named Ms. Gay.

“Heather, I just don’t understand why you have to get topless!”
“Because that’s how they fit you!”
“But she didn’t even use a tape-measure!!”
“OMG Then what did she use!?!?!”
“Her eyes!!! I guess!!”

We died laughing. And I don’t even need to tell you what this reminded me of and why it made me think of you.

I tried to take my mind off you by watching the type of television show that you’d never watch with me….. something on A& E about the supernatural and haunted properties across America. Just when I thought I was okay….beginning to relax, the resident “psychic expert” comes onto the screen, and his name is Peter James. I cried myself into a sleep thinking “Can I just get a break?”

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  1. It looks like we’re all turning back to Xanga during rough times!

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