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It’s all an illusion

It’s all an illusion. I read somewhere that time is a construct and that everything that is happening already happened and everything that already happened is happening right now. Everything happens at the exact same time, but to make sense of it, we’ve created the idea of time.

Expanding that further, I understand that Deepak Chopra explains that 98% of the atoms of our bodies are replaced every year. An article I read that further talked about this 98% said something cool – that although we experience life as a solid, we are more like a ball of flames with things constantly changing.

And so it’s all an illusion. Does it matter what I do for work? That is not who I am. I’m on a different plane. I want to be somewhere were people appreciate the complexity of being human. Where people treat people as whole beings – where they value them simply for being instead of the work that they produce.

How can I change the world? By treating people as complex beings. I don’t have to do anything other than that. I could create a cool product or invent something new to change the world, but the way I believe I’ll have the most profound effect is simply by treating people differently.

I’m losing respect for people at work because of how they operate. I just see so much shade. I don’t want to surround myself with it anymore. I’m going to a coding class on Friday night and all day Saturday. I’m excited to launch myself into something new. One day I love the idea and the next day I am fighting it. I will not forget how much I wrote about this dream when I was a kid. I just want to see what happens. Maybe this will allow me to utilize my gift of language and problem solving.

If it doesn’t. I’ll find something else. I will be okay. I am okay.

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