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The last of December

I cannot believe that a new year is fast approaching. There are so many things that I feel I need to do to close out the year. My house is getting more organized which is great, and I have been spending more time with my flovie which is also great.

But also scary as hell.

I booked the location for my 30th and also have my back up location just in case this Air BnB falls through.

I told my boss at work about Marion. She was really happy for me, which is great. I was worried that they would give me a hard time about taking off work.

Oh, work. Sweet work. I feel that I am supposed to be doing something else but I don’t yet know. I also, at the same time, feel that I am in the right place for me. Just for this moment in time. If work was more stressful, I wouldn’t have time for flovie as our relationship is forming.

I just feel so comfortable with her. We are really close friends. This morning in bed was toooo funny; we were justĀ  making fun of each other. I have this tendency to take my sleep very seriously. Oh man, she just nailed making fun of me too well. All the time I feel that I love her. She’s so special to me. But it scares me a lot, too.

Yesterday I planned a surprise dinner and play date for her. She was sooooo surprised. Oh man it was great. We enjoyed a really nice show at the Orbiter theatre. It was perfect really.


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Am I single? I am dating. That’s for sure. The idea of having a significant other is one that I haven’t thought about in a very long time. What does it even mean?

I am trying not to take myself or life too seriously. I am enjoying spending time with someone special – that’s all there is to it. On my vision board, I remembered making a corner dedicated to romance. I can’t remember what I had on there to begin with, but it was something about finding a good mate. There was a phrase “perfect match” and then there was a phrase specific to a man. It didn’t feel right to me to have it up there — like I was writing in the stars that I wanted a man. I didn’t really care; I just wanted someone who could make me happy. So, I tore it off.

Fast forward to months later, and the person that I am dating happens to be a woman. A beautiful human being. I wonder what I might have allowed the universe to bring me by making that small change.

Men lately have been remerging. There was someone cute outside the gym today, but, after an initial acknowledgement of his being cute – I just wasn’t interested. I’m into Kale. That’s it. Shes my #1.

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