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On my own again

After much consideration, I am moving. My cost – benefit analysis table and reflections helped me to see that I was compromising too much in the name of money. I’m both incredibly proud and nervous about this decision. It was not easy to come by. I’m really excited about having space to cook, about having a garbage disposal. I’m excited about getting into a space and thinking intentionally about the energy and objects that I bring into it.

Today marks an important day – I’m thinking first about myself even if it means other people’s feelings will get hurt.

Change of subject. PB and I had a lovely date night yesterday even though I fell asleep early. He’s so sweet – we had a picnic. I just really love how sweet he is. I can ask for things and he’ll do them. He’s a very caring person.

Well, that’s all for now. I want to watch a little bit of netflix and vedge out.

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