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Today was a great, great day on myfitnesspal. I have successfully logged in for the past 4 days in a row, and before then it was 5 days in a row. I cant wait to hit my 7th day in a row.

I noticed feeling sluggish today, but I think it’s related to allergies or something. I am really excited about having a good day on MFP. No cheating or anything – I finally stayed under my calorie goal and felt good with what I ate. I should check the macros to see.

Today was 57% carbs, 24% fats and 19% protein – according to MFP I’m over on carbs. Let’s see what happens later this week.

Well, I want to vege out a bit on TV before bed, so I’m off.

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Candy Analysis

I’m growing my source of information about nutrition. I found a really interesting, comprehensive table that outlines some nutrition facts in candy. While I know candy shouldn’t be a daily part of my diet, I’d like to know when a craving hits and I want candy, what my plan will be.
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almonds
York Peppermint Pattie
100 Grand
Payday Peanut Caramel Bar
Strawberry Twizzlers
M & M Almonds
M & M minis


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A detour

Well. I promised myself I wouldn’t get down on myself, but I’ve taken a bit of a detour with weight loss. I stopped being vigilant after the holidays, and I’ve gained 10-15 pounds depending on the day. It’s very disappointing. BUT. I want to say that I’ve done a great job the past 1.5 days getting back in touch. I feel more connected with myself. I’m listening to my body more – especially the signals of hunger. I’ve slowed down.

I logged all of my food on MFP yesterday which hasn’t happened in months. I am recommitted. I have to thank LB for this because she sent me a text the other day celebrating her weight loss and called me her inspiration! It really put me back on track. I am accepting more and more that this journey is year-long, life long and that the only way to maintain weight loss is to be vigilant about what I eat. There’s no pills, no secrets other than paying attention to what I eat and being active.

The active part is somewhat easy. I bike to work many days per week, and I’m looking forward to the weather improving so that I can continue to enjoy this. I’m thinking about getting a fit bit so that I can see what my activity levels are. I think that they don’t have precisely what I want yet – I really want one that has a heart rate monitoring component to it so my calories burned can be more accurate. Though, I think anything would help me at this point  – I just have to take it with a grain of salt.

I’ve been thinking a lot about home. Not home like Michigan but home as in space. I cleared off my desk and created a healing space in my room. Ever since I moved in, that’s the vision I had for that corner, but instead it became filled with junk. Today, I was inspired to move everything out of that corner and place things into it intentionally. With intention.

I have a few items over there – candles (but not all of them), memory book, journal, sage, crystals. I also included representation of important pieces of my identity – paints and art supplies, a bike pump, my camera. I have affirming notes on the wall beside it and underneath my desk I have a bill to represent abundant finances. I’m happy with how it looks because each piece was placed there on purpose.

I’m looking forward to my trip to AZ to visit A and K. I haven’t seen them in like a year and I’m just so excited!

Well, I’m going to research a few things – see if I can’t find a fit bit or type device that I like. I’m so happy that it isn’t quite noon – I feel that I have the entire day ahead of me still.


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