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Work is work

Well, I’m coming up on the 60 day mark at work. Pretty crazy. Things are moving incredibly fast. I feel that I have a handle on the tasks I must complete. What I’m struggling with now is making sure that work isn’t all consuming.

I rearranged by day yesterday so that I could spend more quality time with The Boy. I also went out to HH with some co-workers. I felt that it would be important to go out and have a little fun. I think so much about “living the dash.” I was just reminded of this today when I watched a documentary about death row. Sometimes I feel so obsessed about living life that I get down on myself when I feel like relaxing. I haven’t painted in a while but I feel a bit guilty about that.

My eyes just feel tired no matter how much sleep I get. Huh. Maybe I need glasses. I doubt it though; I can see everything like I used to. It just sort of feels that I just woke up all day. I remember the last time I felt like this I had some accupuncture. It was really cool. I’m bummed that the location I went to is now moved – and it’s a bit out of the way in Mt. Airy.

I go back and forth on buying a car. I’ve noticed that I feel guilty when I indulge in “the finer things” in life, which some people might not even think of as “finer things.” I think it’s indulgent to take cabs instead of public transit. To get a zipcar instead of take public transit. I think about whether or not I can afford a vehicle. I’d like to have one, but I wouldn’t want to drive it daily – and then, that just seems ridiculous to own a car for the 1-2 times per week I’d like to use it. Maybe an apartment in a new location would help. I think so much of this is contingent on what, if any, raise I actualize this year.

I learned that a few people aren’t returning to the office next year. I was kind of surprised. One of them referenced there was no place for her to go (in terms of moving up). Admittedly, I’m curious as to where she wants to move – I stumbled upon her offer letter and I’d be very happy with the salary that she’s making. I don’t think I’d care about more money.

But…. their movement reminded me of something. If I don’t make the money I want to make at this job after 1-2 years, I can and need to move forward to something else. They reminded me that I’m in charge of where I spend my time, talent and energy. And having competitive compensation is part of what influences me. I’d love to grow with this organization. And I think they want to keep me around, so we’ll have to see how things go.

The weather has been nice enough for me to ride my bike more. I’m enjoying it. I’m a bit worried about my nutrition lately. Perhaps this is why I am feeling sluggish. I’ve been rather inconsistent with my food choices – I think being out of the home more and being around “snacks” is just incredibly tempting.

I’m looking forward to my trip to visit AZ next month. I can’t believe it’s almost here. I’m so happy I “splurged” and decided to fly out of PHX rather than BWI. As much as I love to save a buck, it’s exhausting and nerve-wracking to depend on Amtrak and then hop on a plane.

I am going to look into registering for Reiki II soon. I can tell that I need it…and work will just have to accommodate me 🙂

Signing off.

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