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I’m job searching now. As you know. And that question came about my salary requirements. I’m really anxious right now. I always get anxious when I lay out my cards and they don’t flinch about my number. This makes me think that I am selling myself short. But how much money do I really need? Am I dreaming small to say less than 6 figures? Is that even right at all. Or is that just…. not what I need. Let me see if I can figure out how much money would make me happy.

I’d like to live simple, but without sacrifice. I suppose that means:

A 2bdm apartment, with or without roommate – Or do I want a 3 bdm house with or without roommate

A washer and dryer in said dwelling

New appliances in said dwelling

Hardwood floors

Central heating and cooling

With lots of counter space and storage space

A place to keep my bike

Food I like to eat

A gym membership

A flight a month to see my godbaby

A flight a month to see my mom

A car, or just freedom to use the zipcar a few times per month

$1,000 per month in savings

$500 per month to send to my mom

$500 per month to fly anyone to come see me

A trip to lush or another store that makes me feel happy each month

Rent: 2,000

Internet: 50

Electricity: 50-150

Gas: 50

Groceries: 300

Sallie Mae: 350

My Great Lakes: 200

Medical: 208

Insurance Premium: 130

Airfares: 1,500

Savings: 1,000

Misc Shopping and Entertainment: 300

Total: With 6,200/per month to spend, I could spend it on the things I want. I should be happy. I suppose I need to tack on 33% to account for federal with holding. So, roughly, I’d be happy with 100,000 per year. Wow. This is more than I imagined. When my student loans are done and other bills disintegrate, I could lower this figure by 12,000 per year. Okay well. This is all for now.



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the year is coming to a close

And I’m not ready. I’m not ready. I’m not ready. 2013 was going to be the year of doing. I have a very long list of things that I was supposed to do in 2013. But, sadly, I’ve crossed off only a few. What happened? Where did the time go?

The year started off so very strong, and then – by March it seemed, I had lost my mojo. Self, we are going to do better starting now. We are going to recommit ourself to some goals. I’m feeling floppy – yes – that’s it…. I’d say floppy. The state of my job is still unknown. I’ve applied for a few positions that I am excited about, and of course I’m a nervous nelly at the moment waiting to hear back how I am advancing through the interview process.

The time with my student has come to an end. I’m grateful for that —it was really stressing me out. There were some complications with him that I didn’t appreciate. But he said some words to meĀ  – I don’t know what it is – he really triggered me. So I had to stick up for myself. It feels good to be assertive.

I opened up my OkC profile back up. Well, I have a new one. I thought that it would upset me – and it has – the fact that I receive so much more male attention now. Speaking of which, a skype date right now with someone.

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