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I can’t believe it. I step on the scale and I’m 189 lbs. It’s like the closer I get to my goal weight, the further away it feels. I remember when all I ever wanted was to be a size 12. I thought being a size 12 would be happy. Well, now I’m a 10/12 but still want (and need ) to lose more weight.

Somehow my accomplishments don’t feel like enough. Maybe its because once I’ve reached them, it seems it couldn’t have been a challenge if I’m there.

My roommate and I are still chugging along with the Atkins diet. It’s helped me get under 200 lbs, so I can’t say that I am mad about it. I really miss fruits, though.

The job search is coming, or should I say going. My fingers are crossed about a short term (3-6 months) opportunity. It would be amazing because that is just the right amount of time for my current company to get back into the swing of things. I also think it would sound better – here’s my caring too much about what others think – to say that I am leaving for a fellowship than just leaving.

I was really upset Friday when I went to get my lo loestrine fe prescription refilled. Somehow, even with insurance, it cost me $75. I nearly broke down crying in the store. I’m sure it didn’t help that it was the first day of my period. I like this medication because I haven’t gained any weight, skin is reasonably clear, and some of the obnoxious PMS pains are gone. Also, I haven’t had any pain – likely from ovarian cysts in a long time. I think I’m doing better and I’d like it to stay that way. However, I need some kind of RX coverage to keep paying for this medication!

I’m super excited to meet my ESL student next month. I posted a listing on university tutor a verrrry long time ago, and he was searching the web and found me. It’s such a great match. He’s visiting from Brazil and chose Philadelphia as his first stop in the US. I told him it’s a pretty awesome city and filled with history. I’m glad that my student found me and that he’s coming next month. The extra income is definitely needed.

Full disclosure: he’s also pretty cute

I’m applying for health care coverage via Finally, I can get on the damned website. It seems like maybe people have forgotten about it already. I really hope I’ll be able to find something with better coverage than I have right now! Please Please!

More later

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today’s commute

I biked further today than I ever thought possible. 16 miles. Not at once, but all today. And then I went to my swim lessons.  I was worried that I would be “too tired.” Not so. I’m learning that my body is much stronger than I give it credit for. I feel that I could do it all over again. Ride another 16 miles.

I’m thinking more and more about this triathlon. I definitely think I could do it. I just need to start practicing for the run. I think running will be most challenging. I blame being big chested. But perhaps that’s just an excuse.

The job hunt is moving slowly. I actually need to continue working on my portfolio so that I can apply to this job for an SEO company. I’m excited about it – I hope it works out! I need something to work out, seriously.

I’ve been giving myself more reiki lately. I think it is helping me to stay grounded. I should make a plan to do that tonight.

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this diet

Is cracking me up. I literally had a dream last night that I ate like 1,000 chocolate chip cookies. Clearly my body is craving them on all levels. I haven’t had table sugar in a verrrrrry long time. But, it’s worth it. I shouldn’t be having it and I’ve lost weight and inches since doing Atkins. I seemed to have stalled out last week, namely because I made a few choices that I thought were okay but were very much false friends.

1. Restaurant soups. I opted from clam chowder (and didn’t eat the potatoes) because it was white, so I thought akin to alfredo sauce which is very low carb friendly. I knew, but forgot, that restaurant soups are often thickened up with cornstarch or flower and might have as many as 20g of carbs in a 6oz serving. BUSTED!

2. Deli Meat. I was desperate so I grabbed a sandwich at 7/11 and ate only the stuffings. Still, a terrible idea. Cold cuts are filled with sodium and nitrates which aren’t good for anyone in those quantities. Cold cuts stalled me on my last diet! They should just be banned 😉


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