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i planted a rose seedling
and expected a garden to grow.
i tended to the soil,
sheltered it from the wintry elements,
put it in a lovely greenhouse,
yet the garden would not grow.

so i planted more seeds
and left them in the outdoors
and let nature do its work
yet the garden would not grow.

i contemplated what went wrong
or if it should even be at all.
and while i was contemplating,
small shoots appeared and i was pleased.

i left the garden to grow
yet grow it would not
only small buds remained

    several months passed
and the garden had still not flourished
and then i had a stroke of genius

i dug up the tiny flowers,
collected them into a bouquet,
tied it with a bow.
smiling, i threw the dead flowers to the earth and stomped on them.

days later, i visited the nursery where i purchased my seeds.
i was issued a refund, because “some seeds are just not capable of growth,”
the manager said to me.

i purchased a bonsai insead.
its stability and foundation apealed to me.
i don’t waste my time with defective flowers anymore.

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There’s just no pleasing some people. It’s why I’ve stopped. It’s why I stopped caring. It’s why I need not even TRY.

I guess what I like most of all is the people who can never make up their mind about anything, but don’t realize that theycontradict themselves damn near everytime they open their mouth. And by damn near every time, I guess I mean everytime (Yes, that was my attempt at humor). I suppose an example may also be necessary.

A friend complains about how you “drill them about their life” and everytime they talk to you its “a psychoanalysis,” you don’t agree with them, and the subject is pretty much dropped. A few weeks later, they have a “crisis” in their life and call you. You ask them “why?” and they get defensive and give some answer like “because.” Although the answer “because” contradicts with everything they’ve said to you in the past month, you dont say anything. Why not? Because you’re remebering that they had such an issue with, you choose a different approach and don’t say much. You dont feel like worrying about their bullshit because they a) never listen to your advice and b) always have some comment about how you respond as a friend. You chose to get off the phone with them and go on about your business. A job well done…?? Not hardly, your friend calls another one of your friends and complains about you, saying something to the effect of “[she] won’t talk to me and be a friend, despite whether or not she agree with my actions or feelings.”

I find that to be funny. Hilarious actually….



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