Monthly Archives: May 2005

I finally have time to twiddle my thumbs. It’s quite nice. I do want a job though. I don’t think someone craves employment as deeply as I do. Yet everyone around me seems to be able to get a job so easily; I really don’t understand it. In any case, all this free time is really going to my head. I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping. The first week back home I went to bed before midnight and slept until noon. It was ridiculous. All this sleep, however, causes me to think too much. There was an incident in life that I choose not to think about every day. But I had a dream about it. It’s got me all messed up. What happened in the dream, is not at all how I remember the situation. And I don’t know which is the truth. Perhaps if I didn’t take psych classes I wouldn’t even question the fact that how I “remember” something can be distorted–even false. That a definite yes can become a no; that black can come white. *Sigh* It’s really quite upsetting. I just don’t know what happened anymore….It was something that I never told anyone about, so its not like I can ask them……*Shaking my head*


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