Monthly Archives: February 2004

I decided to jump on the Xanga bandwagon. It seems to be the weapon of choice for journal scripts among the college elite. I have a website, but I have a really hard time keeping up with it (it runs fast). I figure with this, perhaps it will be easier. Most likely it won’t. I suppose I will use this initial entry to explain some things. IndYcisive. Thats me. Of course indecisive was taken, and that is why I had to get creative. The title of my journal, sines cosines and tangets requires some explanation. It might be because I like math, but its not. It might be because I hate math, but its not. Have you ever taken a look at the graph of sine, cosine or tangent? Perhpaps you have (I have). It has a series of ups and downs and loops and twists, which is very liken to the cycle of life. It is a simple rationale for such a complex thing, friends.

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